SBP provides resilience training in ten communities per year. Our recovery efforts are ready to deploy anywhere and everywhere that they’re needed, to shrink the time between disaster and recovery and ensure that survivors avoid the unnecessary suffering brought on by a prolonged recovery. Resilience Training, and Recovery Operations have been completed or are currently underway across the following locations.

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New Orleans, LA

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans area resulting in the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States. More than a decade later several thousand homeowners remain unable to afford construction services due to contractor fraud, forced mortgage payoffs or insufficient disaster relief funding. SBP continues to rebuild for homeowners across the city, including those impacted by the recent EF3 tornado in New Orleans East and redevelops blighted properties as part of its Opportunity Housing program.

Puerto Rico

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico. The estimated damage to housing stock is a staggering $35 billion. Many citizens are living in moldy or gutted homes they are unable to repair. Few have any idea what comes next. Human beings are resilient, but they need real, clear, reliable information.  This lack of predictability will drive many survivors past their breaking point. Without it, many will just give up.

Hurricane Harvey Recovery

SBP is committed to helping communities in Texas and Louisiana shrink the time between disaster and recovery, and to fortify survivors against the unnecessary suffering of a prolonged recovery. SBP has opened an office in Houston and will rebuild, share its model with local organizations, provide training and resources to homeowners and local companies, and advise local and state officials so they can structure the most effective, efficient long-term recovery as possible.

Rockaway, NY

Thousands of families who lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy remain displaced nearly five years later, or worse, are still living in their flood damaged house. SBP continues to rebuild homes for Sandy survivors and is the only long-term rebuilding organization still in operation on the Rockaway peninsula. 


Thousands of families who lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy remain displaced nearly five years later, or worse, are still living in their flood damaged house. As part of its Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, SBP rebuilds homes in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, where there is still a tremendous need nearly five years after Sandy. 

Columbia, SC

In October of 2015, Hurricane Joaquin caused historic, widespread flooding that devastated the state of South Carolina. Thousands of homeowners remain displaced or are living in unsafe conditions across the state. SBP is leading the recovery in the state by rebuilding homes, sharing its model with other organizations, and advising officials. 

South Louisiana

South Louisiana was devastated by unprecedented flooding in August 2016. Across the region, more than 70,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. SBP is leading the recovery by rebuilding in the Baton Rouge area, sharing best practices with local rebuilding groups to raise their capacity, and advising local and state level policy makers.

San Marcos, TX


May and October of 2015 saw two devastating flood events in central Texas. Hundreds of families were displaced or  living in their flood damaged homes. SBP partnered with local and national organizations to bring these families home.

White Sulphur Springs, WV


Historic flooding hit several West Virginia counties in June 2016, destroying countless properties and uprooting families across the state. SBP partnered with local and national organizations invested in recoveries in various flood affected areas of the state to bolster their capacity and achieve maximum efficiency.

Joplin, MO


On May 22nd, 2011 an EF5 tornado devastated Joplin, taking 161 lives, destroying 7,500 homes and over 500 businesses. SBP rebuilt 181 homes for families in need, helping residents complete the recovery eighteen months ahead of schedule.

Resilience Training Locations

SBP offers FREE resilience training for home and business owners  in communities that have been identified as “at-risk” based on population, risk to wind or water events, median household income and home ownership rates. We are actively training in these locations:

New Orleans, LA; Baton Rouge, LA; Houston, TX; Monmouth & Ocean Counties, NJ