Bahamas Recovery

Much of the Bahamas was decimated when the eye of Hurricane Dorian made direct landfall and hovered over the area for nearly 48 hours. Initial estimates indicate that, across several islands, more than 50,000 homes were damaged.  Likewise, schools, hospitals and critical infrastructure were destroyed.  People are staring into an abyss of uncertainty with no clear path forward.

Abaco Outreach powered by SBP

SBP’s team is on the ground in the Bahamas with our partner, Abaco Outreach. Together, Abaco Outreach and SBP are a strong partnership that blends knowledge of the islands with 14 years of experience in post-disaster recovery.

Humanitarian Relief

While logistics continue to be an overwhelming challenge across the islands, SBP Abaco Outreach is nimble, thanks to donors who have provided financial investment, in-kind donations and access to critical transportation – for both air and sea – which allows us to access and provide necessities to areas in need quickly and efficiently. To date, our team has delivered 27 tons of needed supplies across 3 islands, and has procured more than $85,000 worth of in-kind donations – from medical scrubs to solar-powered generators - that are also making their way from Florida to the islands. 

Immediate areas of focus:

Grand Bahama Children’s Home - Generally houses 32 orphans (ages 10 months to 13 years), though they expect 18 additional children will join them due to the storm. Despite being located outside the flood zone, their entire complex flooded with 3 feet of water. They have no clothes, and all cribs and cooking materials have been damaged. They have minimal resources available to them and are struggling to support their staff on top of running the home. SBP has already begun to bring this essential institution back to life.

  • Stabilize Rand Memorial Hospital; 90 days to reopening

  • Facilitate re-opening of Children’s Home

  • Understand needs of schools

  • Understand landscape for residential reconstruction

  • Build capacity to support small/mid-sized business emergence/recovery

  • Understand and build local capacity for volunteer participation (stimulating economy and driving impact)

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Bahamas Pic 1 1 1

Ongoing service:

Supply Distribution – There is significant red tape and considerable dysfunction at the ports. SBP Abaco Outreach has set up a logistics network to help overcome these barriers. Our team has already delivered more than 27 tons of supplies to hospitals, churches and residential areas. Daily supply deliveries are ongoing. 

Schools and Hospitals – Without access to safe schools and quality healthcare, residents cannot return to rebuild. SBP Abaco Outreach will help schools and hospitals transition from the immediate support they’re receiving to a long-term recovery plan.

Long-term recovery:

SBP has 14 years of experience in long-term recovery of disaster-impacted communities. We have committed to supporting the Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands for years to come. From rebuilding homes resiliently to training other nonprofits, SBP Abaco Outreach will be there. 

SBP is a vetted and highly-rated nonprofit in the disaster recovery industry. Annual corporate support comes from Toyota, Zurich, UPS, Walmart, Farmers Insurance, AT&T and others. Abaco Outreach has the tremendous support of businesses in Houston and Louisiana, who believe their investment is well-positioned to cause impact through this partnership.

Thank you for supporting our collective work.

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